Motor Breakdown Insurance

Remoto Vehicle Breakdown Insurance guarantees the ultimate peace-of-mind protection for your new or pre-owned cars. The product covers components such as:


Cooling System

Exhaust System

Car Electrical System

Fuel System

Car Engine


Transmission System

Steering and Suspension

Brake System

This product offers more than just repairs. We have carefully designed the product to take the heavy lifting off you and assume full management of your cars while you focus on your business. Your drivers and those who use your cars are not also left out in this plan. The product also ensures they get the requisite hands-on training from time to time on the right way to use your car. Our all-round support services and responsiveness make Remoto Motor Breakdown Insurance the first destination for corporate entities seeking to maximize return on investment.

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Car repairs and maintenance services

Remoto also offers car repair services on demand basis. These services are designed to solve specific problems your car might have at any time and keep it in good condition. We do not compromise on quality service delivery, so it is our policy to carry out a diagnostic of the problem before attempting to solve it. With our on-demand repair, you can be sure that manufacturer’s recommended parts are used for your car every time, giving you the extra confidence on the road. It is as simple as booking an appointment and letting our team of experienced technicians thrill you with a taste of Remoto.

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